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Discover Serbia the Talas Travel way.

Enough of travelling to see more of the same...

Discover the hidden secrets of the most exciting, new destination in Europe!

Amazing incentives

Designing unique travel experiences, where travelers bond with each other and with the destination they visit, is our biggest passion. Material things come and go, but memorable moments stay forever! 

Adrenaline-filled adventures

Serbia is a dream destination for adrenaline lovers. Filled with mountains, rivers, canyons, caves, seas and a rich wildlife, adventure is everywhere!

Brain-twisting teambuildings

Thanks to our creative team, the participants of your teambuilding will stay engaged in unusual, fun activities and anytime they look around and see where they are they will be able to say just one word - wow!

Creative workshops

Creativity is one of the most important skills one can have in the 21st century. Take part in creative workshops that will help you set your inner artist free and discover new talents you didn't know you had!

Jaw-dropping events

Making our clients' wildest dreams come true is our specialty. Take your events to astounding locations and count on our expertise to make them stunning!

Top-notch meetings

and conferences

Meetings and conferences don't have to be a hassle. Let our professional team take care of all details and surprise you with new ideas that will make the participants enjoy every minute!

VIP travel services

Luxury is in the details. We understand every second of your time is of utmost importance, so whether you're traveling for business or pleasure, we are here to make everything flow smoothly.

Private tours

We are curious by nature and traveling through Serbia means exploring a destination still little known by many travelers, but surprising and authentic. With us you go beyond and visit fantastic landscapes, learn deeply about the country and create memories for life!

At this point we can promise you just one thing...

Your amazing travel experience will start the moment you contact us.

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