Eastern Serbia: Nis and Old mountain

Niš is one of the oldest cities in the Balkans and with around 250,000 residents is the third largest in Serbia and the capital of the Nišava District. It is located in southern Serbia, at the crossroads of the most important Balkan and European routes connecting Europe with the Middle East. In Niš, the main road, which runs from the north via the Morava valley, forks southward via the South Morava-Vardar valley (towards Thessaloniki and Athens), while the east road runs through the Nišava-Marica valley towards Sofia, Istanbul and the Middle East. In the Roman period, the second road was called the Via militaris, whereas in the Middle Ages it was called the Constantinople Road. 

Niš is cultural, administrative, business, and industrial centre of Southern Serbia. Also, it is a university centre with 13 faculties and almost 30,000 students. It has always been a gathering place for people from Bulgaria, Macedonia, Albania, Turkey, Greece and Serbia, since it is located at the crossroads of important European Corridor X, where E-75 branches in two directions, towards Macedonia and Greece, and the other one towards the East, Bulgaria and Turkey, bringing together Europe and Middle East.

Stara planina (Old Mountain) is a mountain resort situated at the far eastern part of Serbia. Its highest peak is 2,169 m above sea level. It is pure nature converted into a place where people can find luxurious vacation, stress-free getaway or a business meeting spot. Its conference centre at the Falkensteiner hotel is therefore the best combination of quality business accommodation and services, surrounded by numerous ways to relax between working hours.

Stara planina is on the border between Serbia and Bulgaria. It is practically the best positioned mountain centre in the Balkans, between countries. It can be reached by through several routes and from different directions: Belgrade, Niš, Sofia, Skopje, Tirana, Knjaževac. Its closest main connection is the E-75 highway.


As important regional centre, Nis offers hotels with plenty of accommodation capacity and congress abilities. One notable hotel is Grand Hotel Niš, with 120 rooms and apartments, two big banquet halls and conference rooms capacity up to 400 people, elegant lobby, bar and restaurant. There are also other high end hotels: Tami Residence, My Place Best Western and Hotel Niški cvet with exclusive restaurant suitable for cocktails and presentations. In addition, Nis offers variety of other accommodation possibilities with total of over 725 rooms.

On Stara mountain there are several accommodation facilities, led by a newly built Falkensteiner hotel just by the ski slopes. It offers 146 different luxury rooms and suites, particularly designed to fulfil the needs of its guests, especially business guests. At the hotel there is a conference centre with 4 conference halls, with the capacity of up to 110 people and restaurants convenient for gala dinners and lunches.



National Theatre Nis is not only a monumental building but also a place where events can happen in the atmosphere of old culture and a stylish and luxury environment. Nis Fortress is place for all kinds of people, cafés and bars, history and culture, sports and leisure. Place where enjoying nature, sports activities and coffee sipping are placed all at once, so everyone can find something to do by their wishes.


Mediana, a place where Roman emperor Constantine the Great was born, is now a tourist attraction and archaeological site with astonishing Roman mosaics built during the roman empire.

Ćele kula, symbol of Serbian independence is a historical monument that shouldn’t be missed.

Although rich in cultural and historical monuments, Nis doesn’t lack a relaxing route: trip to Niška banja can be the perfect way to relax in Wellness and SPA centre Sense, on the springs of warm SPA water.

Shopping and clubbing, walking and enjoying history, Nis offers a variety of options for amusement. Shop your favourite famous brands at Forum shopping centre, go out at a tavern at Tinkers Alley for a dinner or stop by at the bakery for the famous Serbian pie called Burek, everything will be enriched with typical Balkan spirit and mix of cultures that has always met in this place.

Hiking and cycling at the fresh mountain air are the specialties of Stara planina (Old mountain). Also, extreme sports, hunting and fishing are not less attractive for team-building activities, and fresh air and picnics help gaining mental relaxation. Cycling is available in organized groups and fishing at the numerous water flows is also offered as a group activity organized by the locals.

Spa centre at Falkensteiner hotel is a place to spend free afternoon swimming, warming up in sauna or having a massage. Restaurants with international cuisine and variety of drinks in the bar are the best way to satisfy senses and retrieve strength. In Gondola restaurant guests can enjoy variety of snacks during the day and rich a la carte menu at the end of the day.


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