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Incentive travel ideas: 3 experiences you can have in the outskirts of Belgrade

As you could read on our previous text, Belgrade has been rebranding itself as a thriving incentive travel destination over the past few years. Connecting the modern with the old, the Serbian capital has got a lot to offer and is getting noticed as a new, exciting destination with a perfect location and great value for money.

As attractive as a city may be, going out of it or exploring areas that are out of the radar of regular tourists are a must for an incentive to be varied and attractive. Having said that, here are three experiences you can have in the outskirts of Belgrade.

1) Off-road jeep driving on surrounding mountains

Mountains make 70% of Serbia's terrain and some of them are right next to Belgrade, such as Avala and Kosmaj (respectively 10 and 40 kilometers away from the city). They offer an infinity of possibilities for outdoor activities, such as hiking, picnicking and our favorite - 4x4 off-road driving.

Highlight: Although the mountains are close to Belgrade, on a day tour we easily reach 180 kilometers of driving (both on and off road), which means a lot of fun for those who love this activity!

Tip: On Kosmaj, don't miss the chance to visit some medieval monasteries; on Avala, take a lift to the top of the tallest tower in the Balkans (204,8 meters) and enjoy a drink with a perfect view of Belgrade from the sky!


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2) James Bond driving experience

Here's another option for car lovers... What if we told you that just 40 kilometers away from Belgrade there is a racing track where you can test and improve your driving skills, try driving a formula car or even simulate a James-Bond-style car chase? All with the help of professional instructors who will guide you through the whole process until you become a top driving in different situations.

Highlight: The James Bond driving experience includes lessons in 6 driving styles:

  • drifting and precision control;

  • simulations of an armed attack with paintball guns (security driving);

  • using the vehicle as a weapon (pushing);

  • off-road driving;

  • night driving: simulation of ambush and armed attack on the road with use of pyrotechnics to simulate fire and explosions.

Tip: By the race track a modern event center is located. It is ideal for the organization of cocktails, gala dinners, seminars and other events.

3) Lunch in Tito's favorite restaurant with amazing Danube view

A short drive away from Belgrade will take you to a magical place called Vinogradi. A restaurant that during Yugoslavia times used to be an elite meeting place, where thousands of statesmen, diplomats, politicians, businessmen and foreign officials had their meetings over delicious dishes with Yugoslavia's president Tito.

Highlight: Vinogradi is famous for its excellent national cuisine, but there's another thing that sets it apart from any other restaurant in Serbia - the most amazing panorama of the Danube that left even Neil Armstrong breathless. In fact, when the famous astronaut went there just 3 months after landing Apollo 11, he stated that the view from Vinogradi is better than the view from the moon! Many people come there just for photos, including brides and grooms before their wedding.

Tip: As the name suggests, they also have their own vineyards and produce their own wine, which makes the experience even more authentic.

Feeling inspired?

There are many more ideas and possibilities where these came from. Get in touch with us and we will show you!

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