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Serbia travel advisory due to COVID-19

Updated: May 26, 2022

Facts regarding COVID-19 in Serbia

(UPDATE 5th May 2022)

There are no restrictions on entering the Republic of Serbia.

The recommendation to wear masks indoors remains in force, while wearing masks in health facilities is mandatory.

(UPDATE 12th March 2022)

Member of the COVID-19 Crisis Response Team and Minister of Labour, Employment, Veterans and Social Affairs Darija Kisic announced that Covid passes will be abolished from Saturday 12th March 2022, adding that there will be no more restriction of the number of people indoors.

After the session of the team, Kisic pointed out that there is a decrease in all parameters, from the number of examinations to the number of hospitalised patients in relation to the number of confirmed cases, and that hospitals began to return to normal.

All this has led to the mitigation of all anti-epidemic measures. As of Saturday, the validity of the Covid pass will be revoked. At the gatherings in closed premises, the limit on the number of people is being abolished, so all cinemas and theatres will be able to work according to the normal regime, she specified.

Also, as she noted, it was decided that the recommendation to wear masks indoors remains, while the quarantine is still in force for seven days.

When it comes to passengers in international traffic, Kisic said that the measures remain in force, i.e., that proof of vaccination, proof of past illness or an appropriate serological test are required to enter the country.

The recommendation of the National Immunisation Committee is the introduction of an additional, fourth, booster dose, for those over 18, which can be obtained five months after the first one, and refers primarily to those who are at higher risk of severe disease, she said.

(Update 14th December 2020):

Mandatory PCR test for foreigners entering Serbia as of 20 December

"In order to protect against the introduction of infectious diseases into the territory of the Republic of Serbia, persons coming to the Republic of Serbia from countries with unfavorable epidemiological situation, from all countries except Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Northern Macedonia, Montenegro and Hungary, they are allowed to enter the Republic of Serbia provided that they have a negative RT-PCR test for the presence of SARS-CoV-2 virus, issued by the reference laboratory of the country from which they come or enter the Republic of Serbia, not older than 48 hours from the date of issue.

If there is a delay when entering the Republic of Serbia, which cannot be attributed to the fault of the passenger but is a consequence of an external event that could not be predicted, avoided or eliminated (delay / delay of flight, departure of buses, trains, etc.), then the test cannot be older from 72 hours upon entering the Republic of Serbia." Info

Read below how you can get PCR test in Serbia "on request"

PCR testing in Serbia "on request" is suitable for travel needs and administrative purposes when you are in Serbia and want to continue your trip or you want to go back to the country you came from, because these weeks and months almost all countries require a negative PCR test to enter.

(NOTE: There is a difference which facility you should address depending on if you feel symptoms or you just need a test for administrative purpose. If you feel ill and suspect COVID-19 infection you should go to the nearest COVID clinic which will take examination and act accordingly. List of COVID clinics in Serbia with addresses and telephone numbers can be found here (in Serbian only). You can also call +381 64 8945235 if you feel symptoms. This number is an emergency hot line number established by the Ministry of Health of Republic of Serbia)

Locations: PCR testing on request could be done in a public health institutions only. In Belgrade there are few locations that you can choose among:

1. Institute of Virology, Vaccines and Sera - Torlak (Street Vojvode Stepe 458)

2. Institute of Biocides and medical ecology (Trebevićka 16)

3. Clinical center of Serbia (Street Pasterova 2)

4. City Institute of Public Health (Street Bulevar Despota Stefana 54)

5. Institute of Public Health of Serbia "Batut" (Street Dr Subotića starijeg 5)

PCR testing reservations are required and could be done via porta eEprava or by calling a phone number +381 11 3620000 (work days 8h-20h). And you can choose available time and institution regarding your needs.

Test results are issued within 48 hours of sampling.

PCR testing "on request" which is suitable for travel and for administrative purposes is not free of charge. Rate is 9,000 RSD (approx. 76 EUR or 90 USD) for both foreigners and citizens of Serbia. Foreigners with residence in Serbia also.

Payment for PCR testing in Serbia could be done in post office or bank only (credit card or cash). You will have to go there physically and fill out a payment slip with your details. See example below. One copy you keep and give to selected PCR testing clinic.

If you need help regarding reservation the appointment, help with payment and transfer to PCR testing clinic you may also contact us.

Rates are below:

  • 10 EUR per person (making the appointment, assistance for payment of PCR testing, printing the report)

  • 30 EUR round transfer in sanitized vehicles to clinic (1-3 pax)

  • 50 EUR round transfer in sanitized vehicles to clinic (4-7 pax)

(June 9th 2020):

Confirmed cases: 11,896

Death toll: 250

Total number of tested people: 276,810

People tested in last 24h: 4,308

Cases confirmed in the last 24h: 73

Active cases: 457

We believe that Serbia is fighting well with the Covid 19, that we won together and that we will be able to continue with our daily lives, activities and travels this summer.

We would like to inform you that Serbia is open for all foreigners, without any restrictions for travel. This means that test or any other health certificate is not required to enter Serbia. All visitors get written information at the border, both in Serbian and English, as for the measures to abide by in order to prevent another outbreak and further spread so that we eradicate the COVID-19 infectious disease.

Please, read official information of Serbian Ministry of Foreign Affairs below :


The Government of the Republic of Serbia has adopted a Decision on amending the Decision to declare the disease COVID-19 caused by the virus SARS-CoV-2 an infectious disease, whereby the ban to enter the Republic of Serbia ceases to be in force. According to this decision, citizens of the Republic of Serbia and foreign citizens are no longer required to have a special approval/authorisation to enter the Republic of Serbia. Thereof, the usual regime to cross the border of the Republic of Serbia resumes.

Also, all persons entering the Republic of Serbia – instead of the previous measures of isolation and mandatory negative PCR test to COVID-19, will be served at the passport control (only) a written information, both in Serbian and English, on measures to respect in order to prevent the outbreak, spread and eradication of the infectious disease COVID-19.

Foreign citizens, possessing a temporary stay authorisation in the Republic of Serbia which has expired after the day the state of emergency was declared due to the epidemic disease COVID-19 caused by the virus SARS-CoV-2, will be allowed to enter the Republic of Serbia until 1 July 2020 at the latest and legally submit a request for extension of their temporary stay within 30 days from the day they entered the Republic of Serbia. In view of that, it will be considered that the temporary stay authorisation for this category of foreign citizens (whose temporary stay authorisation in the Republic of Serbia expired while being abroad) is valid at the moment they enter the Republic of Serbia and that, pending the completion of the procedure following their request to extend their temporary stay, the foreign citizen will be staying legally in the Republic of Serbia.

The same decision stipulates that all persons who entered the Republic of Serbia in accordance with the previously valid regulation, and who were ordered a 14-day self-isolation (at home) for an acute respiratory illness caused by the virus SARS-CoV-2, which has still not expired on the day this decision entered into force, will no longer have to apply this measure.

The Government of the Republic of Serbia has adopted a Decision to cancel the Decision to close all border crossings to enter the Republic of Serbia, including the Decision to cancel the Decision to close border crossings.

Flights to/from Serbia

Number of flights is increasing daily, you may find all infromation regarding flights from Belgrade here. Belgrade airport does not require any additional documents when checking in for the flight. It is necessary to show one's ticket and travel documents, and the rest of the procedure will depend on the airline. All passengers will be well advised to use online check-in to reduce the risk of crowding in front of the counter. Travelers are encouraged to use payment cards rather than cash. Another recommendation is to reach the airport three hours before the flight. It is mandatory that you should maintain social distance ( it is so at present and to use a protective face mask. coverings as well during your stay at the terminals. Maximum allowed amount of disinfectant in hand luggage is up to 2 liters. It has to hold no more than 70% of alcohol. Disinfectant should be packed in smaller bottles (e.g. 4 individual bottles of 0.5 liters per passenger).

Each airline has its own rules and regulations and protective measures, more information about airlines operating at the Belgrade airport please find here.

Hotels, Restaurants, Attractions

Most of the hotels and other accommodations are reopened with new policies which will guarantee high level or safety and hygiene for the travelers. Restaurants are required to rearrange the tables and the seating in the way to maintain enough distancing between people. Also, staff are required to wear gloves and face covers while serving the guests. Disinfectants and sanitizers should be available within the premises. Tourist attractions, museums and landmarks have been open since May with protective measures in place as well, such as hand disinfection on entering, wearing face covering and respecting the social distancing.

Travel with Talas

Our office has reopened on the June 1st; we followed the official recommendations during the lockdown having worked from our homes and putting that time to good use so that we work on our future programs and experiences. Now, when the whole team is together again we are ready for new adventures! Surely, we have adopted protective measures in our vehicles and we do follow instructions when we visit the tourist amenities of interest. We believe that it is time for a new beginning for tourism in Serbia. On a related note, we have noticed that travel in the countryside seems to have increased and people are eager to visit and stay in a pristine natural environment more than ever before.

Contact us for any information regarding travel to Serbia, we are here to help and get you to fall in love with Serbia.

proofreading by angloland

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